Michael Wang

Michael Wang’s conviction that Americans were eager to embrace a wide variety of Asian flavors during every meal has been borne out by the success of Fóumami and its growing franchise restaurants.


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Wang’s strong business management acumen is matched by a passion for food and a deep
understanding of preparation techniques
gained from a family who has operated highly acclaimed restaurants over three generations.

Wang has assured Fóumami’s success by creating an Asian food menu that consistently offers novel and complex flavors that are also comforting and reassuring to the American palate. He’s kept the integrity and nuance of many of his family’s dishes intact by devising new preparation methods that meet the demands of the fast casual environment.

Perhaps the most striking example of Wang’s meticulous attention to detail has been his ability to take his family’s coveted shao bing (bread) recipes and to recreate their warm, delicately layered texture to serve a long line of time-strapped customers.

Everything that he’s accomplished at Fóumami has been done with an eye toward building a franchise restaurant opportunity that is scalable and replicable with a strong eye to the bottom line. While in his early 20s, Wang established a successful Wall Street career with Goldman Sachs’ fixed income division. At the age of 28, he enrolled at the Harvard Business School where he developed the business plan for Fóumami franchises while earning his MBA.


“Foumami in Boston has made shaobing its bread and butter (pun intended). Theirs is flaky and slightly crispy on the surface, and tender and elastic inside, sort of like an Indian dosa. We’re into it.” – Bon Appétit

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