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Hungry for something bold and unique? You’re not alone. Asian food is holding strong as the fastest growing segment in the fast-casual franchise industry. With flavor profiles inspired by China, South Korea, Japan and more, Fóumami is perfectly attuned to offer customers a wide range of Asian flavors from an ever-demanding population.

Fóumami has met the challenge of being in the weeds every day with smart, demanding customers who want unique, freshly-prepared healthy options, but who often don’t have a great deal of time. From breakfast and beyond, our proprietary Bing bread and flavor profiles attract people who are eager to embrace something different and mobilize their families, friends and co-workers to do the same.

Fóumami is a unique and exciting business opportunity in the fast-casual restaurant industry that keep customers coming back for more. Position yourself to satisfy all the Asian cravings in your area and be the first to bring Fóumami to your city or town.

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